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Your Business Website…

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Before we start work on your business website…

It’s very tempting to think of your business website as a branch office. It’s part of your business, sure, but someone else runs it day-to-day. You only need to step in when things go wrong.

In most cases, though, that really isn’t a valid analogy. The website is a core part of your business. In the future it may even become the main channel for your transactions.

So you shouldn’t be surprised if your internet journey starts with some unexpected questions about your business. Questions which you might perhaps expect your business partner or your accountant to ask, but not your web designer. Why are they asking these questions?

The simple answer is that your web designer needs to know details of the business the website will be supporting, so they understand what your website needs to do, show and say. Your website needs to know as much about the way your business operates as you do.

Here are some of the questions you might get asked:

What is your business providing now, and how will this change?

If we can’t establish this, your website won’t match the business that you have. It may lack the detail that you need to make your website work successfully for you.

How will your physical business presence and online presence work together?

Is it just a shop window, or is it the whole shop? What online features are you hoping to provide? How will you fulfil orders from the site? How will you handle enquiries (and complaints)?

Most importantly, how will your business processes change with the arrival of your new site? Because they will!

How does the site change your business model?

If you weren’t hoping a new business website would improve your business, you wouldn’t be asking for one. But will the business now work in a different way? It’s not for us to dictate how you run your business, obviously, but there may be opportunities to enter new areas and reassess or automate existing ones. We can help you make the most of the technologies now available. Call us for an initial chat on 07711 903523 or 07960 606012.