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To pop-up or not?

Toast pops up
Is it stretching things too much to say that nobody likes pop-ups on web pages? Well, some people must like them, because they're very common. At times they seem to be baked into half the pages on the Web. And if you're a developer wanting people to stick with your site, they must seem like a very good idea. You put something right in front of the reader that they can't ignore, making it dead...

What do you need?

What does your campaign need?
Having worked out what it is you want, it might be a good idea to analyse what you need to put a successful marketing campaign into action. The SWOT analysis is literally decades old, but the start of a campaign is a good point to run one. In case you’ve never been on a corporate training course for middle managers, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Look har...

Your online strategy: building trust

Here’s the old way of marketing things: buy up space on printed paper, somewhere in size between a business card and an advertising hoarding, cross your fingers and hope people see it. The more you spend, the more chance of success you have, but there’s still a large random element over whether it lands in front of the right person. Of course, you can send direct mail and phone people at wor...

Planning your Digital Marketing

Plan your campaign
This post talks about the things that are different when you’re planning your digital marketing, compared with the traditional type of marketing. Start by thinking about the specifics of selling your products digitally. First, think about your customer’s journey, from the moment they first get the idea of buying your product to the point where they submit that five-star review. Answer the...

What do you want!

This post is not really about doing things on the Internet at all. In the course of our career, we have had to visit many people and find out what they want done. This is the point at which “Charlie wants a system to manage his rhubarb farm” has to be translated into something more detailed that a supplier can actually use. We generally started with a good idea of what we wanted to bring...

Your Business Website…

business website
Before we start work on your business website... It's very tempting to think of your business website as a branch office. It's part of your business, sure, but someone else runs it day-to-day. You only need to step in when things go wrong. In most cases, though, that really isn't a valid analogy. The website is a core part of your business. In the future it may even become the main cha...